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IRINA LARIOS (Madrid, 1951)


«My fascination with ceramics began at an early age when as a child I used to conform figures with found pieces of broken clay.

I started my education in the San Francisco de Alcantara School of Arts in Madrid; after that I resided during one year among craftsmen in Central America where I learned their indigenous techniques.

I studied  at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Granada in the Department of Sculpture under Soledad Sevilla. Later on I enrolled during one year in a specialized class under Ceramic Artist Marilyn Lysohir in the Ceramics Department at the University of Idaho, USA.  I  participated as a fellow «artist in residence» in the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana (USA).

I have participated in a number of workshops with artists such as Simon Leach, Sandy Brown (UK), Yoko Akabane (Seville), La Bisbal, Miguel Mollet (Catalonia, Spain), Phil Rogers (USA) and Graciella Olio (Argentina).

My permanent interest to widen knowledge in expressive form has been the constant in my life, and the ceramic process is a medium with which I identify fully with. It inspires me  and I always continue to get amazed by it. There is an old saying that "Clay is a jealous God".

Actually I live and work in Tarifa (Cadiz, Spain)».




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